Defining Creativity With a range of exquisitely designed and beautifully hand embroidered fashion accessories & apparel that are eye-catching, while being non-toxic and sustainable.


Jyo supports craftsmen and ensures they are given ethical rights. We contribute to their social welfare and work towards sustaining the craft.


The technique of ancient heritage of India, hand-embroidery is a fabrication of art rendered with patience and dedicated hard work ensuring that it remains remunerative.


We bring to you with great pride, finely and intricately handcrafted embroidered range of jewelry, accessories & apparel which are attractive, vibrant & have aesthetically global appeal. Our Indian artisans toil hard with love to present to you a blend of contemporary designs with a traditional panache. These products are responsibly designed keeping in mind the persona of today’s woman who is free-spirited, super dynamic, strong-willed & a go-getter; with a touch of finesse to match their charismatic personality and make a unique style statement.

“Create a global market for ancient Indian handmade eco-friendly products”

“Our mission is to run a socially sustainable business venture for the economic upliftment/wellbeing of Indian artisans by fabricating an ecological hand embroidered product line to cater to the women segment internationally”

“We are a socially responsible brand which is committed to preserving traditional Indian artwork by creating eco-friendly products”