Founder’s Profile

Fashion visionary and founder of the eponymous brand Jyo Das, Jyoti is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur at many levels, with head offices in NYC, Milan and Mumbai.  A couturier and an accessory designer reputed for her flair and imagination- her fabrics, unique prints and edgy craftsmanship have made a mark through fashion annals from Milan to Mumbai. Fondly known as Jyo, Jyoti Das was born into a family where textiles and embroidery were the way of life. From a young age, she was drawn to this mileu of textile, design and embellishment. The beauty of nature and the elements that make up great art captivated her mind and imagination that seamlessly flowed into a career of art and fashion.  The past two decades have seen her win accolades and in a short while her brand Jyo Das has emerged into an internationally acclaimed brand.

Her story is not without adversity. Retrospect shows Jyo’s grit and determination in surmounting the shackles of societal norms defined by highly patriarchal times. She broke free from the confines of orthodoxy to become a financially empowered and independent woman. Seeing education as the key to freedom she pursued her studies alongside raising children, remaining steadfast in her commitment to her goal completing her masters in fashion design from NIFT and jewellery from IGI Belgium.

Jyo Das the brand was born in 2017, with passion and commitment and innate creativity that was marked by her will to preserve valuable  traditional Indian embroidery. Her dedication to her craft kept her going.


Jyo has created a business all over the world which of course is about revenue but what distinguishes it is the positive impact it has on the world of craft with exquisitely designed and magnificently hand-crafted accessories and apparel. Her creations are dramatic but also sustainable and non-toxic in their manufacture. Jyo's success is a testament to the power of combining creativity with business acumen.

Her inspiration comes from the works of great artists, which communicate emotion, ideas, and design that can transport us to different realities. Her works are a joyous triumvirate and testament to her creativity, passion and her love for life.

Brand’s Profile

Jyoti Das has brought her dream of ushering bespoke fashion style from runways to our wardrobes through JYO Das. JYO DAS is an emporium of artisanal jewelry, accessories, and apparel that are refreshing and an ode to its craftsmanship. Jyoti works with expressive, fluid, and aesthetically pleasing accents inspired by nature, global fashion, and architecture.

Jyoti and her set of skilled artisans bring precious artworks such as kaftans, resort wear, designer wear, earrings, neckpieces, and so much more to life that just sits right, no matter the occasion. The atelier brings you a mélange of glamorous contemporary designs with a conventional touch. Each collection is an ode to versatility and statement pieces that resonates with the persona of today’s woman, who is free-spirited, super dynamic, strong-willed, and a go-getter. For the charismatic woman, the woman with a unique style, and the woman with heritage, JYO DAS brings the finest pieces, for they will become an extension of her ideas and an eternal part of her life.

This iconic fashion brand affirms the style quotient of every aspirational woman that graciously travels for newer experiences. The label laces a vibrant aura on its owner that exudes power and ubiquitous panache. Finding similarities in fashion icons like Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, and Natasha Poonawaala, Jyoti attempts to affix these fashion icons’ essence in each sartorial collection.

While sustaining this essence, JYO DAS takes its muse from Nepal's National flower, Rhododendron. This rich crimson red flower brilliantly reflects the brand’s purpose; power, passion, and fearlessness. JYO DAS complements these identities by having Rhododendron as its brand logo.

Launched in 2017, the brand revealed its first store in 2021, Juhu. Sighting its success, JYO DAS takes a proud stride in its newly launched store in 2022, Kala Ghoda. Jyoti discusses, “My vision is to make JYO DAS an international brand making inroads to all parts of the world. To quote Audrey Hepburn, “I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it.” JYO DAS focuses on intricate details and brings the best to the woman of the now.”

JYO DAS is a socially responsible brand as it commits to sustainable fashion pieces using the expertise of Indian artisans, providing them a global platform to showcase Indian traditional artwork. Jyoti Das innate for Indian artisans and the environment urged her toward JYO DAS – a sustainable fashion venture focusing on nature-friendly, non-toxic, and environmentally sustainable materials. Apart from that, JYO DAS aims to be on every fashion connoisseur's checklist who dares to adorn her true persona